Thursday, June 02, 2011

Catching up and Enjoying Spring

I've been busy these last few weeks, got the garden in, went biking with the family (if you can call it that when there's a 2 1/2 yr old on a too small trike!) and got some stitching in.

We've had some visitors to the feeders this spring - the usual crowd of goldfinches, and a pair of orioles.  We haven't had them here at this house before, and given the amount of open space we have, I was quite surprised. We saw a tom turkey way out back with his feathers all in display.

Two Baltimore Orioles

Some of our Goldfinches

Tom the Turkey

The boys helped get the garden in.  Big thanks to DH who did the tilling!  We've got lots of good veggies planted, and some sunflowers too.  My oldest son got some sunflower seeds at kindergarten orientation this spring.  When the flowers bloom it will be almost time for kindergarten!
Freshly planted garden
A few months ago I got my EGA magazine, and was fascinated by a drawn thread bookmark in there.  I read and reread the article so many times I almost have it memorized. I finally went through my stash and got out what I needed to start it.  I am very excited.  It's gone quite quickly so far.  I also have been working on my pay it forward ornaments, and on my bargello tree.
Pay it forward - ornaments one and two

pay it forward - start of ornament 3

Drawn thread bookmark
Drawn thread bookmark - with article from EGA magazine
Bargello Tree
Even better than finishing the stitching on a piece, is getting it finished and on display.  I got my Herb Garden Sampler back from the frame shop, and hung it up in the house!
Ravenhill Herb Farm - framed and hanging!

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