Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Marybeth's Homepage

Updated with a new background. I have some new stitching scanned. Maybe tonight I'll update that.
I've also got some pictures of us opening christmas presnts... maybe I'll post some of those too.

Matt's got to pick some kendo pictures to post on his page. That could be an afternoon project....
Ever have one of those days? *sigh* This has been one of them. As soon as I got into work I realized that it wasn't going to be good. I met a big deadline yesterday to send some things off. Today I found out those things had to be re-sent since I packaged them incorrectly. There are problems people are finding, and I sent some things off too soon (they'll need updates later). It's one of those days where you feel you just can't do anything right. Not too good for the morale.

I did get the stuff re-sent. Hopefully it was right. Some of the problems that have been found look like they've already been fixed. So, it's not all bad. Just kind of a downer.

I'd go for a walk to get away and cheer up a little, but it's too cold outside, and the building is under construction, so all the good walking paths indoors are blocked.

I'm tempted to pack it in and just go home, but I've got much to do, and I can't just go and hide. Time to tackle the issues and just move on with things.