Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pin Cube - Stitching Complete

I completed the stitching for the pin cube tonight. Hooray!

All 6 sides

Side 6, the top - no stitching, just an outline.

Side 5, the bottom of the cube.

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New Progress on stitching

So, the stitching continues. I wasn't able to go to my February EGA meeting because of a snow storm here. So, the Herb Garden Sampler still awaits me! In the mean time I am almost done with the stitching for the pin cube, and worked on the Queen Anne's Lace last week. Here are some pictures.

Queen Anne's Lace. I've started on the lattice work that takes up most of the center.

Pin Cube, Side 4.

Pin cube, Side 5 (bottom)

Pin Cube - Whole fabric. Each stitched side is about 2" x 2". The top is left un-stitched and will be covered in pins.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pin Cube

I have three sides of the pin cube completed. I would like to get this stitched up quickly. I was supposed to start another project at my EGA meeting last night, but wasn't able to go because of a snowstorm. So, I want to get this one done so I can catch up on the other.

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