Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Herb Farm Sampler

It may not look like much, but here's the start of the herb farm sampler. I worked on this most of the weekend at the stitching retreat. I'd had some done before I left, but most of this was accomplished on the weekend. There's still more of the lawn to do. Once I get some of that constant thread changing lawn done I will treat myself to a few trees, or some scotch stitch that goes next. Since there's still more than half left, I need all the incentive I can get!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sinsinawa 2010

I had a wonderful time at the annual retreat at Sinsinawa Mound Center with Tri-State NeedleArts. I made some good progress on a few projects.

My herb farm sampler now has a house, and part of the front lawn. That lawn is a pain since it's a ton of color changes. I forgot how had it was to work on 32 count linen, but it does look nice.

I worked some more on the queen anne's lace as well. That trellis is coming along. Pretty soon I'll get to the actual flowers.

My mom was there too, and she picked up stitching her cards again. She'd worked on one that aggravated her, and that caused her to put it all away for a while. That troublesome card is now completed, and she's back stitching!

There were so many pretty things to see this weekend. I'm really looking forward to the region fall meeting in October to see more!

Maybe today or tomorrow I'll get some updated pictures loaded up.

Spring means bluebirds

Spring must be here. We've got a bluebird hanging around. He doesn't seem as interested in the bluebird houses, as much as just squabbling at us while we're outside. He also has been guarding the bird feeders, even though he doesn't eat from them. My husband reports that he's been flying up to the windows - mostly in rooms where the family is. The one time he didn't fuss is when my husband when down back to straighten up the bird houses. It seems this bird has an agenda for us, we just don't know what it is.