Monday, June 06, 2011

Peacocks and bookmarks

Just got back from a lovely weekend in the great north.  As always, it included a trip to Nordic Needle.  In fact, I am sipping my tea from my new NN mug right now.  I got a bunch of fabric, and supplied to make my sister some huck dish towels for her new and improved kitchen.  And, a nice laying tool so I can uncramp my hands when working on my bargello tree (I am currently using a large needle).

I worked on my bookmark while I was up there.  Here's the progress before we got in the car to go home:

Elegant Bookmark - almost done

I finished it last night and it's so very very cool!
Elegant Bookmark, EGA Needleworks Magazine, March 2011

Elegant Bookmark, EGA Needleworks Magazine, March 2011

We took the kids to the Red River Zoo and my 2YO son, who is obsessed with peacocks got to see them for the first time.  He was in heaven!
Peacock, Red River Zoo, Fargo, ND  6/4/2011

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