Monday, July 23, 2012

Wow, there was a garden in there!

My veggie garden has never been much of a success.  My garden is pretty small, and I don't grow much.  Just enough to get a few tomatoes and things.  I just don't put the time into it that I should, and I have a very "live and let grow" philosophy about it.  But this year the weeds just got the best of me over two weekends I tackled the project. 
Me, in the garden, at about the half-way mark.
The far side is how it all looked before I began.
Once I had it all done I took out the trellis that I had intended for the peas, as some critter munched the plants away.  I had guessed that the same fate had fallen to the beans, but I was surprised to find three plants still surviving.  They probably won't do much, but we'll see what happens.  I have sprayed down some liquid fence since this critter also took some bites out of the first zucchini!


The beans that survived

Home Stretch!

All the stitching is done, so it was time to start cutting!  The motifs actually are going quite well, and they are quick.  I am looking forward to finishing this one up!  I do like the change in the initial.  The ones I had in there before just didn't work for me.  I changed to an alphabet that I stitched over 1 and chose a lighter color.
Lorri Birmingham Eidelweiss Basket - Progress 7/22/12

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Fear of Queen Stitches Overcome!

Hey, I finally completed the second time around on the queen stitches I had to rip out from the basket topper.  Then I also got the ecru ones done.  It looks really cute.  I started the vines around the outside, and then did some more after the picture.
Lori Birmingham Basket - progress 7/8/2012
Last night I went to a bonus summer stitch-in with my EGA Chapter.  We made fabric rolls to hold our stitching to keep them clean and from being folded.  It was so easy, even for me who does not sew.  Too bad the lace I chose kept breaking the sewing thread on the machine and mucking things up.  I ended up sewing the last bit on by hand.  I finally just had to give up the fight with the machine.
Stitching Roll - Closed, and partway open with pocket