Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Robins and Crewel Work

Well, I went to go count the eggs in the robin's nest yesterday, and my mirror revealed three gaping mouths! As we were doing yard work yesterday, we saw both parents actively looking for food and heading back to the nest.

I've been working on my crewel piece this weekend. I've finally gotten to use some color. It's looking pretty cool. I'm not sure this is for me though. These sharp needles are going to be the cause of some blood on the piece before it's done I'm afraid!

Monday, May 23, 2005


It looks like our robin from last year has taken up residence in her old nest again. We never got around to taking it down last fall, and when I walked around to the side of the house I scared her (and me).

When I was over there Sunday weeding the flower beds, I flushed her away from the nest a few times. Since she was never gone long, and never went too far away I am guessing she's got eggs in there. I haven't gotten out my "mirror on a stick" yet, but will probably go check it out this week.

I did weed out the flower beds... at least two of them. The tulips are mostly done, and I have some iris getting close to bloom. I have fought back the spread of the lilacs by clipping off about two dozen runners. I can see the ground cover (forget-me-nots) now.