Thursday, July 28, 2005


The day before yesterday I saw what I was sure was a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Of course, I could only see him from the back. Last night he came back and showed off all around. It seems that he doesn't mind the safflower seeds I've been feeding.
Mr. Cardinal has also made an appearance at the feeder recently. Neither of our pretty visitors has stayed long enough to be caught on film. .... (I suppose you could say that the photographers are slow on the move)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Four o'clock flowers starting to bloom

I checked on the plants on the deck this morning and was happy to see the Four o'clock were starting to bloom. They've been on the verge for a while now. The first ones are yellow, with a tinge of pink. The next ones look like they'll be more pink! Something to smile about today.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Even more updates

Well, I updated even more. I noticed that the embroidered card page hadn't been updated since last August, so I cleared it out and added all new cards. I have to admit that I went for a stretch of time where I was forgetting to scan the cards I made, so the page is just a sampling. I also made a few minor updates to the stitching page. With the garden and other updates from this morning, there is plenty of new content there to keep you busy!

Web page updates

Wow, what a day at the computer! Especially for a weekend. I have finally gotten around to organizing and posting our vacation pictures. Then (by popular demand) I got together some pictures of the new guest room. Same stuff, new room. Since I was doing some web work, I got some updated garden pictures and posted them too. Maybe, between loads of laundry I'll do some stitching page updates as well, don't hold your breath on that one. I might just stitch instead. :)

Anyway, check out my web page. The new and updated tags will point you in the right direction.

Guest Room Pictures

The Guest Room is now put together, and the soon to be baby's room is ready for us to pick a paint color. Step by step, we are getting closer!

Our Vacation July 2005

Vacation pictures have finally been posted!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

First coat painted!

It's a good thing we like the paint color! We just got done with the first coat, and it looks very nice. We'll do the second coat tomorrow, and then we should be done. Verdict on a third coat will wait until tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2005

One step closer to painting

Well, earlier in the week we washed down the walls in the new guest room. Tonight we made excellent progress. We sanded and dusted the walls. We taped the windows and doors. Tomorrow we paint! (That octagon shaped thing in the first picture is the window, even though it looks like a painting hanging on the wall) The next pictures of this room will be Dried Thyme.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Home again and back to work

Ahh... the wonders of vacation, and the realization that it's back to work and home and chores. We took an extra day off this time, and used it to catch up around the house before we went back to work. What a help! We were able to have food in the fridge and clean clothes to wear!

We even got some extra stuff done. We tidied up the laundry room (even swept the floor) and found the painting stuff for the guest room. I washed the walls in the guest room, so we are all ready to sand and get ready to paint. We picked the color and bought the paint: Dried Thyme.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Wildlife adventures & other stuff

So, while finishing up a few things this morning before packing to leave for VACATION I was out doing some last planting (yes, even on July 1 I still had seedlings to plant). I found a toad out behind the lilacs. I was back there clipping off the runners from the lilacs and there he was. Just as surprised as I was. Then, on the east side of the house I found a mouse! I thought he was something like a hedgehog at first, and was disappointed to find a regular old, though fat, mouse. I heard the cardinal singing in the front yard, and caught a glimpse of him in the back. The chipping sparrow didn't even wait for me to get inside after I filled the feeders before he flew in.

On a sad note, the hollyhocks took a beating yesterday in the wind. They don't look so good. Next year we'll have to put a trellis up and tie them so they can stand up tall.

I hit a snag with my hardanger. I'll have to take a bunch out because I made a mistake on one side and the next part won't fit in. I'm really bummed about that since I thought I was making such good progress! Oh well, such is life.