Friday, May 13, 2011

So, what's new?

So much to do... spring seems to have finally come here.  The snow is gone and we have some flowers planted.  It was fun to sit with my littlest guy and play in the dirt.
Petunias out front

I've added a few more rows to the Bargello Christmas tree.  That's turning out to be quite fun to do, and it's fun to see as I add each new row.  There is still much to go.

Bargello Christmas Tree
Bargello Christmas Tree, detail

I have been working on some Christmas ornaments for the pay-it-forward.  I have one all stitched, and one almost completed.
Ornament 1: Red Flowers
Ornament 2: Peach Flowers

I have been thinking about some bookmarks I found the EGA magazine (one from the most recent, and one from last year).  I'm also making my reservations for the Fall region meeting.  I can't decide which classes I want to take though.  There are two I am really interested in, but they meet at the same time.  Such choices!  I think I'll try the hardanger one as my first choice an the Mexican Drawn thread as my second.

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