Thursday, February 09, 2017

I'm back? Maybe

Well, three years and here I am again.  Life gets busy, I suppose.

I find myself newly invigorated about my embroidery, so here I am to keep track of my next few projects.

I signed up for an on-line course through EGA called "Time to be Happy".  It is a fun and colorful sampler.  This starts up here in a few weeks.

Heartland Region Spring Seminar (also EGA) is next month and I signed up for a "Snowflakes" class.  This is a course where we paint on our canvas, stitch snowflakes using pulled stitches, and then embellish.

Lastly, I had bought a sampler pattern "Little Alien Schoolgirl" a while back, and just bought my fibers.  I'm looking forward to working on that too.

Hopefully this will keep me out of trouble when I'm not working, running the boys around or tatting!

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