Friday, June 06, 2008

New house stuff

Ok, so with the new house there's lots to do. Not much of it is stitching, yet. I have a guild meeting on Monday, and if my pregnant body allows it, I'll head over there and see if I can get a little something done. Get back in the swing of things so to speak.

New product warranties ROCK. Someone comes out, fixes it, and says have a nice day!

Given that the new house is in a new development, and that was built on former farm land, and we have no landscaping really to speak of, I hadn't done much with bird feeders, and a hummingbird feeder was last on my list. No flowers, no hummers. Or so one would think. I was downstairs looking out the window, up to the window comes a male ruby throated hummingbird. Pokes at the windows for a minute or two, the zooms off.

Maybe the first feeder I hang will be the nectar one for the hummers

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