Friday, July 01, 2005

Wildlife adventures & other stuff

So, while finishing up a few things this morning before packing to leave for VACATION I was out doing some last planting (yes, even on July 1 I still had seedlings to plant). I found a toad out behind the lilacs. I was back there clipping off the runners from the lilacs and there he was. Just as surprised as I was. Then, on the east side of the house I found a mouse! I thought he was something like a hedgehog at first, and was disappointed to find a regular old, though fat, mouse. I heard the cardinal singing in the front yard, and caught a glimpse of him in the back. The chipping sparrow didn't even wait for me to get inside after I filled the feeders before he flew in.

On a sad note, the hollyhocks took a beating yesterday in the wind. They don't look so good. Next year we'll have to put a trellis up and tie them so they can stand up tall.

I hit a snag with my hardanger. I'll have to take a bunch out because I made a mistake on one side and the next part won't fit in. I'm really bummed about that since I thought I was making such good progress! Oh well, such is life.

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