Friday, February 17, 2017

Here's the update for the week:

Alien Schoolgirl:  I have my fabric prepped and all my threads arranged.  We are ready to go.
Kit for "Alien Schoolgirl"
Weeks Dye Works thread
36 ct linen

I am still waiting on my kit for the EGA On-line class.  I'm getting a bit nervous that will arrive on time.  The class starts next week!

I am wrapping up a few little things I started last year so I can begin these new projects on kind of a clean slate.  There are still many UFOs....

Here's a little Christmas ornament I finished this week:

Gingerbread house ornament
28 ct linen, finished 2017

I am almost done with a small kit I picked up - a Halloween one.  I'm not sure why I got it.  I'm not into Halloween, and the brand of the kit is one I have done before and I don't care for the brand of thread.  I'll probably add it to my guild's boutique fundraiser.  That picture will come next week.

I started another tatted bookmark with the rainbow thread.  It didn't stripe up like the first one, but as  turned the corner at the end there are some subtle stripes if you look.  I'll post the finished one here next week as well.

Pretty sunrise from the other morning

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