Friday, July 19, 2013

Bookmarks and Drawn thread and a lot of old stuff

Summer is flying by. I was able to complete the Rosebud Trellis, and it's off at the framers.
I have two more boutique items ready - both bookmarks and will start another one tonight.
I also did a quick punch needle project which I'll send to a friend before school starts.

Pictures... it's time for pictures

Bookmark pattern, stitched using a double running stitch

Finished bookmark

Another bookmark

Here's the punch needle box:
Sunflower box, punchneedle

 Here's the rosebud trellis

Rosebud trellis
I added an inscription on it for my sister.  I got the idea from Ellen Chester (With my Needle), when she stitches a reproduction sampler she adds her information in block letters outside the border so it's on the fabric, but hidden in the frame.

Here's my first "harvest" from my garden.  
first beans of 2013
Last spring I took pictures of things I'd stitched that were at my mother's house.  Here's some of my older things that are around my house.  Most of them pre-date digital pictures and blogs...

Dogwood flowers, stitched on aida

Birds at Wheat.  I had found this one in my grandmother's stash after she'd died.  I finished it.  Stitched on congress cloth


this was from a very old dimensions kit

I sent away for a free chart from DMC  go figure it would use a million different colors.  It did turn out well though
Angels, a Mill Hill Kit

Assorted pillows on the guest bed


Free chart I got in Cape May, NJ

More punchneedle boxes

Class at Sinsinawa - stitching over 1 thread

My first really big piece.  Started when I had mono in grad school

quilt - it was fun to do, but I don't remember much else about it

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P.J. said...

Wow look at all those projects! I had to giggle about the FREE DMC chart but must by ALL the floss for it. Looks great. Yummy beans.