Tuesday, November 27, 2012

no pictures, finishes, need to take notes, new start

Thanksgiving was lovely, and made more so by a finish!  I finished the stitching on Bent Creek's Autumn Row which I'll put in my DS1's room.  He was a fall baby so it's fitting.

I also finished-finished the Lori Birmingham basket.  It's not as great at I'd hoped.  The finished stitching was larger than the flat part on the top of the basket.  So, I had to make some adjustments.  It's still cute, but I need to find a way so the stitching stays glued down and I can't see the underside.

I volunteered to help out in my DS1's classroom by making scrunchies.  The teacher bought puzzle mats that roll up so on snowy days the kids can work on something.  The rubber bands that close the rolls were so tight that the little fingers wouldn't be able to make them work.  So, I thought scrunchies would be great.  They need to be bigger than what we used for our hair all those years ago, but it's simple enough for me and my limited sewing skills.  I got a prototype that worked and set out to cut my fabric - from memory.  It was so simple - who needs notes.  Apparently me.  I made the strips half the width they needed to be.  So, I managed to salvage the fabric and need to cut some new.  But all in all, I hope to have 7 pairs of these things soon.

Finally, I started Bent Creek's Circus Row - for DS2.  It looks like fun.

Tonight I'll get some pictures and post them in the next few days.

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