Monday, March 26, 2012

Darning, and darned frogs

It's been a while since I've had a post to update on the projects.  Things have been busy at home lately, and I haven't felt like I have been stitching much.  I looked back at it last week and noticed I had been doing some stitching.

So, I had seen a post about darning, and thought I'd try the project.  So, here's the progress from when I took the picture.  I have since finished it, and started a second.  I think I'll adjust the colors this time, then put the two together in a biscornu. 
Needlework Darning (3/22/2012)
I had been so disappointed with the monogram on the basket top that I had set it aside.  I picked it up at my EGA meeting and realized that all those queen stitches I was so glad to be done with were placed incorrectly.  I didn't see an easy way to work around the mistake, so I pulled them out.  Since I was ripping out stitches anyway, I took out the initials.  I'll have to find a better way to get my M's in there.
Basket Top - before frogging night

Basket Top - after frogging night *sigh*

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