Monday, February 06, 2012

Need a kick start

Not much to report on the stitching front here.  I have been busy with work and the kids and just too tired to pick up my stitching once all the gremlins have been put to bed.  I did get a surge of motivation last weekend. My DH was headed to Fargo, ND to see his mom, and of course I needed to prepare my Nordic Needle shopping list! When we go up as a family, I always manage to sneak away on my own, but I wanted to get a few things kitted up, and we don't have a shop here in town.  So, I pulled out my charts and picked my fabrics.  Then made up a thread list.  I was giddy when he handed me the bag!  I still have to get one thread, as they were out of stock, but I can now get ready to start kitting up these two projects!  I just want to finish up those I "heart" Christmas ornaments then I will get started! 

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