Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer of Stitching

Despite the lack of posting, I have been having a busy summer.
I have done a bit of huck weaving. I made tissue pack covers for the guild's boutique sale at our upcoming needlework show. I also made a couple of huck towels for my sister. I signed up for the region meeting this fall, and have started the pre-work for a hardanger bookmark. A few more rows to my bargello tree.  Last night at EGA, we made cording and tassels for finishing projects.  I made mine from gold DMC to use on the ornaments I am making as part of my pay-it-forward project.

Huck Weaving Towels for Nikki

Huck towel detail

Huck Towel Detail
Tissue Pack Covers - Huck weaving
Tassel and cord made at EGA meeting

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