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Embroidery on Paper

Class taught by Marybeth Markland on March 24, 2006 at the Tri-State NeedleArts Retreat in Sinsinawa, WI.

Your kit contains·
  • Instructions and 3 Patterns
  • 2 blank cards
  • 1 needle
  • 1 T-pin
  • Card stock

Supplies needed
  • Scissors
  • Old mouse pad or other surface to use for pricking cards
  • Floss and thread
  • Decorative paper
  • Tape
  • Decorative scissors
  • Markers
  • Stamps and ink for card messages

Instructions for stitching

Prepare the pattern
  1. Trim the pricking pattern to the desired size. It should be just a bit smaller than your card.
  2. Place the pattern on the card, and secure it in place. You may use removable tape, or just stick regular clear tape to your sweater once or twice to make it less sticky.

Prick the holes
  1. Using the T-pin, or other piercing tool, prick holes as marked on the pattern keeping the tool perpendicular to the card. Be sure to go all the way through the card.
  2. Hold the card up to the light to be sure you have pierced all the holes.
  3. Carefully, remove the pattern from the card.

Stitch the card
  1. Thread a needle with the floss. Use a needle slightly smaller than your piercing tool. Do not make your floss length too long. The card will wear the floss more quickly than fabric does.
  2. Secure the thread to the back of the card with a little clear tape. Be sure not to tape over any of your holes!
  3. Following the instructions for your pattern, coming up at the hole indicated.
  4. Use tape to secure your threads at the back of the card.

Instructions for finishing a card
  1. Secure your threads with tape on the back of the card, and trim any loose ends.
  2. Trim your stitching to the desired size, using decorative scissors, if desired.
  3. (optional) Attach your stitching to decorative paper using glue or double stick tape and trim.
  4. Attach stitching to the greeting card using double stick tape or glue.
  5. Sign and send your card.



  • Embroidery on Paper by Erica Fortgens
  • Creative Embroidery on Paper by Erica Fortgens
  • Embroidery on Paper for Every Occasion by Joke De Vette, Adriaan De Vette
  • Curve Stitching: Art of Sewing Beautiful Mathematical Designs by Jon Millington

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