Saturday, October 07, 2006

So, how geeky am I?

Truly this tells the tale.... Quite a while ago, I came up with this idea to store all my stitching project information (the kind of stuff I put on my web page) in an XML file. Then I could write a program to read the XML and generate my web page. Wouldn't that be cool? And what if I made a program that would display edit boxes for me to fill in and browse for the images? And then I could select which projects I put on the page? Doesn't that sound COOL?

So, I finally did it. I had to learn how to read an XML file into a java program for work, and now that I know that, and I used what I'd learned about making a graphical interface from the last project I was on to make my program. I haven't loaded it up with data yet, I've been fixing bugs in it so far, but soon my stitching page will be all generated by my program. It's so cool, I just had to tell someone.

Here's a screen shot:

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