Saturday, August 20, 2005

All sorts of stuff!

Well, I had a good day. I managed to make a curtain for the guest room! I can barely sew a straight line, and I made a curtain - no pattern at all!

Not bad, eh? When I wasn't in the basement sewing, I was watching for birds. I saw a white breasted nuthatch the other day. He was sniffing around the new feeder in the garden. It's the iron sunflower that I mentioned earlier. I didn't catch him at the feeder, but I did catch some house finches there. They look like little brown blobs on it.
Here's the feeder, in the sunlight so you can get a good look.
The little brown lumps in the second picture are birds chowing down. I have circled them in pink.

We've had a lot of mourning doves this summer. Especially this week. I did find a pile of grey feathers under one of the feeders. I'm not sure if this means the dove got caught or not. They are supposed to have loose feathers, so they can escape a predator. I think I may have seen the sharp shinned hawk last night, so that might be the explanation.

The petunias I started from seed are doing well, finally. I was beginning to loose hope for a while there. Here they are looking pretty.

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