Thursday, June 02, 2005

Marybeth's Homepage

Marybeth's Homepage
I've updated my web pages with some recent photos of flowers and birds.
Also, there's a picture of my crewel project.


Aimee B. said...

Those are great pictures of your stitching projects! I want to find out more about the embroidered cards. What thickness of paper do you stitch on? They look impressive and fun to make.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Stitching Princess said...

Thanks! The embroidery on paper is pretty easy. I just use card stock, like you can find in craft stores, or scrapbook stores. Basically, you put your pattern on top of teh cardstock, use a needle, or pin to push holes in the card, and then stitch through it. I use tape to secure my thread on the back.
-- Marybeth