Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stitching Days (or is it Daze....)

I finally finished the buttonhole stitch around the edge of the hardanger, and last night set myself to work some of the kloster blocks for the interior borders. I finished about 6 blocks and was distracted. Maybe tonight better progress will be made! (secretly, I sometimes hope that there are elves who will come in and do some of that for me... but then I realize that then it really wouldn't be my project then).

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Aimee B. said...

Do you enjoy doing blanket stitch? I'm working on a project and just finished the blanket stitch. I was very relieved to finish. I am stitching on very dark blue evenweave, and at the very beginning I discovered turning on a light underneath the fabric illuminated the holes between the threads. However, next time I just won't pick such a dark fabric.

Maybe your elves will come tomorrow.