Friday, January 14, 2005


It's very, very cold here today. The high temperature won't be above zero. I am glad to be where I am though -rather than further north where their air temps are in the -40 F range!

I will spend this chilly weekend indoors stitching! I have a hardanger project I'm working on and I should finish the outer ring of kloster blocks this weekend. Then - do I work on the inside design, or get the dreaded button hole stitch out of the way? Maybe I'll do a little of both.

I've started something new on my stitched cards - I ran the card stock through the printer first to print my message, then I pierced the holes and stitched my design. That came out really cool. I have to be a little more careful about placing the pattern this way. That's not a big deal though.

I went out this morning and loosened up the bird feeders. The newest one I bought keeps clogging up. This cold weather means I have to be better about checking them. The little birds will be needing more food to stay warm.

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