Thursday, November 20, 2003

I was so proud of myself for being very organized. I had used a shopping program on my Palm to organize all my embroidery threads. I had categories and shopping lists and project lists.... Truly a work of art. So, I get ready to start a new project and I enter in all the thread colors I need, and see which ones I had, and which ones I'd need to buy... and I went out and purchased the ones I need.

So, I'll all set to work on this project. I got through the first part, and am on to the second - the part with colors. I realized that I didn't have two of the colors. I picked up one that was on number off, and (my favorite) 3772 rather than 3722. UGH! So, I made an emergency floss run. Of course I had to make other purchases while I was at the store... but that's supplies for another project.

Needless to say, all I did last night was wind floss after I got home. Tonight I can start on the colors.

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