Monday, February 27, 2012

don't like the monogram....

After a busy week at work, I found some time to stitch this weekend.  I have completed the queen stitches which are done with colored thread.  There are MANY more do do in ecru thread.  I did the monogram in the middle, but am not liking it.  Of course it is probably because my initials are MM, which are too big, and I ended up squashing them in there.  I usually just use one letter but I tried both this time. I thought about taking them out, but with the dark thread I'm concerned about it leaving a mark on the fabric.  Thoughts? 
Basket top - progress 2/26/2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How I dislike queen stitches.....

Ugh. I was loving this piece and then I hit the queen stitches. And there are so many more to do. At least they go fairly quickly.
Queen Stitch - detail
Basket top - progress 2/22/12


Better late than never

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter wreath

I was inspired by Controlling My Chaos and took down my Christmas wreath before March. I made a winter wreath from the boy scout wreath parts and pine cones from the yard. All glued or wired onto a 4.99 grapevine wreath from Joanns.

Winter Wreath

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finish and a new start

I finished the two ornaments this weekend.

With that finish I needed to select my next project. I was going to work on the hardanger bookmark with the bluebells but decided to do the Lori Birmingham basket. That is going quickly and I am excited to try the new stitch in it.

Two more "I Heart Christmas" ornaments - from the NeedleArts magazine
2/12/12 Status of the basket top

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Two trees stitched.

Finished stitching the two heart Christmas trees tonight. I made some cording and cut out the cardboard circles for finishing.
Stitching for the two I "heart" Christmas ornaments (2/9/2012)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Need a kick start

Not much to report on the stitching front here.  I have been busy with work and the kids and just too tired to pick up my stitching once all the gremlins have been put to bed.  I did get a surge of motivation last weekend. My DH was headed to Fargo, ND to see his mom, and of course I needed to prepare my Nordic Needle shopping list! When we go up as a family, I always manage to sneak away on my own, but I wanted to get a few things kitted up, and we don't have a shop here in town.  So, I pulled out my charts and picked my fabrics.  Then made up a thread list.  I was giddy when he handed me the bag!  I still have to get one thread, as they were out of stock, but I can now get ready to start kitting up these two projects!  I just want to finish up those I "heart" Christmas ornaments then I will get started!